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 Welcome! We're glad you're here! 

Why this project?

The Town of Indian Trail is pleased to announce the start of Move IT Pedestrian Plan 2023. The purpose of this study is to examine conditions for walking in and around Indian Trail and provide recommendations to improve the overall walking experience for all users.

This planning project will assess conditions and recommend policies and programs to make walking more desirable and convenient. The finished Plan will recognize the crucial role that walking plays in creating an attractive, accessible, safe, and healthy Town.

Why this webpage?

Your feedback is an essential element of this process, and this project webpage connects you (residents and neighbors) with the project team. We want you to guide the project team towards strategies that reflect community values and meet community goals.

We've got a lot of ways for you and your neighbors to get involved and stay engaged throughout the project. Be sure to visit the OUTREACH tab to learn more! Thank you for your participation in planning Indian Trail's future pedestrian network.

What is the project timeline?

The project timeline is Spring 2023 to Winter 2023/2024.

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